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Designed by Modofire. Built by Regional Fabricators. Installed by Local Tradespeople.

Outdoor Features & Furnishings

Benefitting from the expertise of our nation's top custom manufacturers, Modofire embodies a blend of sophisticated design with modern fabrication. Our array of custom products, backed by industry-leading guarantees, epitomizes quality and innovation. Explore our more traditional offerings.

Fire Features

Water Features

Lighting Features

Outdoor Furniture

Planters & Vessels

Sustainability Commitment

At Modofire, our design philosophy is deeply rooted in sustainability. Utilizing sustainable materials, we craft products that align with principles of reusability and recyclability. This commitment not only enhances the quality and aesthetics of our creations but also embodies our dedication to environmental responsibility.





Recycled Plastics


Design+Build Process


At Modofire, we blend artistry with innovation, using customized AI programs to create distinct and realistic designs. Drawing from over 20 years of collaboration with global fabricators, we harness our own data to sculpt visions that are both imaginative and achievable in the real world of tangible manufacturing. With an artist's touch and a craftsman's precision, we push the boundaries, challenging convention without losing sight of reality. It's a dance of creativity and pragmatism, uniquely Modofire.

We are different by Design


At Modofire, we blend AI-generated concepts, expert 3D modeling, and Augmented Reality (AR) to elevate design into an interactive art form. We reverse-engineer ideas into adaptable models, fine-tuning them through AR, allowing clients to visualize the end result before it's even priced. This integration of innovation, craftsmanship, and technology streamlines customization and ensures manufacturing precision, turning concepts into reality in a uniquely collaborative and immersive way.


Securing custom, high-quality creations can often be a complex challenge, but choosing the right manufacturer can simplify the journey. This is where Modofire excels. Guided by our network of premier Manufacturers, Custom Fabricators, and Skilled Artisans, we possess the understanding and expertise in the who, what, where, why, and how of construction. It's not merely about building things; it's about forging connections, crafting perfection, and creating with purpose. Modofire's approach turns the ideas into tangible realities.

Ship & Install

We recognize that the excellence of our products is not only about creation but also delivery and installation. Our shipping process is entrusted to the nation's leading manufacturers with decades of global experience, ensuring that our creations arrive in impeccable condition.

Moreover, we actively support local economies by connecting clients with a network of local installation specialists, who are well-versed in compliance with regional regulations. While we don't directly handle the installation, our expertise is always available for consultation, ensuring a seamless transition from our hands to your local tradespeople. This approach embodies our commitment to quality, community support, and regulatory alignment.

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