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Step into the world of Formluxe, where our expertise lies in creating bespoke outdoor havens, uniquely designed to cater to an array of markets including hotels, restaurants, sports venues, and residential communities, to name just a few. Reach out to us today to transform your vision into reality for your specific market.


Formluxe elevates residential outdoor spaces with bespoke, eco-friendly furnishings, curating tranquil havens for homes, apartments, and condos. Our designs not only enhance community connections and satisfaction but also increase the overall value and allure of any residential setting. In collaboration with esteemed partners like MJR Walls and Archpot, as well as local partners who contribute their dedication and expertise, we bring excellence to every aspect of outdoor living.

Hotels & Hospitality

Formluxe enhances outdoor spaces in hospitality settings with bespoke furnishings and fire features, creating inviting, stylish areas that align with your brand and elevate the guest experience. Our designs make your venue a memorable, standout destination.

Branded Spaces

We craft Branded Spaces with a particular emphasis on creating immersive experiences through brand-building visuals. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our customized offerings, tailored to your brand's unique style, resulting in captivating and memorable outdoor spaces that leave a lasting impression on visitors and customers. Collaborating with Formluxe not only enhances your brand's visibility but also elevates the overall appeal of your environment, making it a preferred destination for immersive brand experiences.


Parks & Public Spaces

Formluxe seamlessly combines artistry and design, crafting captivating focal points that harmonize aesthetics with social interaction. Our designers incorporate elements such as fire, water, and lighting, enhanced by fun interactions in AR and XR, to create immersive products and environments that engage the senses. At Formluxe, we go beyond conventional space design; we curate experiences that intimately connect people with the art of tranquil and transcendent beauty.

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