How to Choose the Perfect Finish for Your Fire Feature: Tips from ARCHPOT

How to Choose the Perfect Finish for Your Fire Feature: Tips from ARCHPOT

In today's world, having a stunning outdoor space has become more important than ever. ARCHPOT, a leading manufacturer of planters, water bowls, and fire features for over 25 years, can help you create a breathtaking outdoor oasis that will make your friends and family envious. In this article, we will focus on fire features and explore ARCHPOT's incredible selection of fire bowls, fire tables, and fire and water bowls, and provide some key tips on choosing the perfect finish for your fire feature.

ARCHPOT's planters are the perfect addition to any outdoor space, whether contemporary or traditional. Made from lightweight concrete, these planters come in various colors, styles, and interesting shapes that complement any setting. The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection, inspired by the legendary architect, takes it a step further with unique designs that add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space. With ARCHPOT's planters, you can showcase beautiful flowers and shrubs in a stylish and unique way, elevating the landscape of your yard beyond simple color bowls.

ARCHPOT is also renowned for its water bowls, which can transform your outdoor space into a serene oasis. The sound of gently flowing water cascading from ARCHPOT's water bowls creates a spa-like ambiance that can enhance your swimming pool or create a peaceful zen garden. With different shapes, sizes, and luxurious finishes to choose from, ARCHPOT's water bowls can harmonize perfectly with your surroundings, giving your home the dreamy look you've always desired.

When it comes to fire features, ARCHPOT offers an incredible selection of fire bowls, fire tables, and fire and water bowls that are sure to make a dramatic impression. Fire and water are the ultimate combination, and ARCHPOT seamlessly combines both elements to create an amazing effect. With various styles to choose from, you can transform your outdoor space into a resort-style living experience.

One key aspect to consider when choosing a finish for your fire feature is the type of fire glass you use. ARCHPOT recommends using Diamond Fire Glass to set the night aglow and create an ambiance that makes any evening special. The fire glass comes in various colors and adds a luxurious and modern touch to your fire feature.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the control options for your fire feature. ARCHPOT's fire bowls and tables can be lit manually, but also offer electronic ignition options for a unique and consistent fire display. These fire features can also be controlled remotely from your phone, if desired, and are compatible with most home and pool operating systems, adding convenience and ease of use to your outdoor entertainment oasis.

ARCHPOT's innovative designs have been featured in renowned locations such as the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Fashion Island and The Hilton Waterfront in Orange County, and the Ko'a Kea Hotel and Resort in Hawaii. With their expertise and experience in beautifying outdoor spaces, you can trust ARCHPOT to help you create an amazing fire feature that will be the centerpiece of your luxury landscape.

In conclusion, choosing the right finish for your fire feature is crucial in creating a stunning outdoor space. ARCHPOT's array of fire bowls, fire tables, and fire and water bowls, along with their selection of planters and water bowls, can help you transform your backyard into an entertainment oasis. Consider using Diamond Fire Glass for a touch of luxury and convenience of electronic ignition and remote control options to enhance your fire feature. With ARCHPOT's expertise and innovative designs, you can create an outdoor space that will be the envy of all. It's time to elevate your outdoor living experience with ARCHPOT's breathtaking creations. Start building your dream outdoor space today! 

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