Custom & Curated Outdoor Furnishings

Explore bespoke outdoor living with Florida Fire Pits. Catering to both businesses and residential clients, we excel in designing, curating, distributing, and installing premium exterior furnishings that enrich outdoor spaces. Our services are crafted to meet the diverse needs of your projects, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to completion.


Fire Pits & Tables

Florida Fire Pits designs and builds elegant fire pits and tables, ranging from freestanding to custom-built, for both gas and propane. Each piece is crafted to be a centerpiece, transforming any space into a warm, inviting area for gathering and making memories.

Planters & Water Features

Florida Fire Pits offers custom water features and fabrications, seamlessly integrating aluminum fabrications like scuppers, spouts, and flows into unique designs. Working closely with pool manufacturers, we ensure our elegant water elements enhance any project, from tranquil backyard pools to grand commercial settings, adding a harmonious and sophisticated touch.

Service Summary

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