Architectural Signage

Did you know Formluxe started as a Sign Company? At Formluxe, we are masters in the realm of artistic architectural signage. With over 20 years of expertise, we have built a vast network of manufacturers and a reputation for designing signage pieces that transcend mere functionality and become captivating works of art.

Design & Fabrication Specialities

Large Scale Signage

Architectural Grade

Vintage Signage

Artistic Signage

Placemaking Signs

Placemaking Fabrications

Formluxe specializes in crafting captivating artistic fabrications that serve as powerful tools for placemaking. Our unique creations not only fulfill practical functions such as signage, brand marketing, and wayfinding but also possess an aesthetic and form that entices people to capture moments and share them. Experience the transformative power of Formluxe's fabrications, enhancing your space and creating memorable experiences for visitors.

Renowned Designers Crafting Sustainable Monument Signs

Formluxe collaborates with renowned designers to create sustainable monument signs. Utilizing materials like aluminum, steel, and concrete, our skilled craftsmen bring their designs to life. The result is visually striking signage that stands the test of time, leaving a lasting impression while prioritizing sustainability. Experience the transformative power of Formluxe's collaboration with renowned designers in our monument signage creations

Some Materials We Utilize






Gold Anodized


Bronze Anodized

Polished Bronze

Patina Metals

Black Anodized

Paint & Powder

Reimagining Outdoor Wayfinding: Formluxe's Artistic Experiences

Formluxe is revolutionizing outdoor wayfinding signage by transcending the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary. Rather than settling for mundane directional signs, Formluxe pioneers a new era of experiential branding through creative and innovative approaches to wayfinding. With a firm belief that practicality can coexist with artistic expression, Formluxe transforms outdoor signage into captivating experiences that enhance brand discovery, foster experiential branding, and infuse our surroundings with the allure of art.

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Embracing Cutting-Edge 3D, AI, XR, and Emerging Technologies

Formluxe is at the forefront of design innovation. We harness the power of 3D modeling to bring our creations to life, ensuring longevity and sustainability in every project. Dive into the immersive world of AR, VR, and XR as we seamlessly blend the digital realm with the beauty of nature. Our designs endure, just like the exceptional products we offer.